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Woah woah woah I’m not dead?

NOPE. FOOLED Y’ALL. Working on chapter 9 as we speak. Shit’s gon get intense soon. Real soon. Oh Kira you are in for a rollercoaster drama ride of a lifetime! There will be crying. Lots and lots of crying. And pain. And blood. And cakes. Yes, all the cakes. See you guys soon >:D



Oh god the indecisiveness

I’m so sorry for stringing you guys along for so long but I decided that I have to finish what I start and for real this time. So… I’m making a resolution to keep updating my three in-progress fanfics. Can’t say I’ll start more but I will do my best to finish these, even if some come to a hasty conclusion. I’ll of course have to reacquaint myself with the characters but hopefully I can juggle this.

Anyways, good news overall, yes?

Prussia/Canada Fic and Lucid Dreams


Not going to lie, you probably won’t be seeing any updates for Lucid Dreams for awhile. I blame school, once again.


Because Liar Liar Pants on Fire is a short story I’ll probably finish that before exams start. Woot! I’ll finally get something done literature wise 8D

And as for anyone confused beyond belief by Mattie’s condition, it shall all be explained later.

I promise. I have this whole thing figured out hurhur.

And it’s written on my mini-white board.

Oh dollar store you . 3. Saved me like thirty dollars—/rant

pokemon - Ekansonaplain

Lucid Dreams Chapter 5

I don’t even have time to be putting up an avatar right now.

All I have to say is that chapter five is up and I’m paying the price for not doing my work on time. Well shit, I guess I deserve it, but I highly doubt I have to present my product tomorrow. And even if it gets to me, I’ll take a late mark rather than present nothing.

I’ll post more tomorrow, or rather—later on today when I’m not struggling to go to bed on time.